Welcome to my blog. I write about experiences in business, sex, ambition, travel, love and money.

Diary: Welcome to my little corner of the Internet!

Diary: Welcome to my little corner of the Internet!

“Poor is the (wo)man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another.”
— Madonna

Not to get all deep on you but it's true: at any moment we choose we can change the course of our lives. You can also change the depth of it as in the way you immerse yourself into your experiences. That's what I hope to inspire you to do with my new blog: to live life deeper as it relates to business, sex, ambition, travel, love and money.

I chose those six topics because I haven't found them discussed beyond surface level all on one platform and I know they're topics women like talking about because I am guilty of talking about them with my own girlfriends. And trust, we can sit and go back and forth between these six topics for HOURS (as we more than likely will do on our upcoming girls' trip at the beginning of next year!). Let's dive in a little on why I want to focus on these main topics (of course, I do plan on throwing in a little fashion and some of my diary posts with random thoughts and observations):

BUSINESS is one of those topics I get asked about a lot, specifically "how to start a business." I'm a lifestyle entrepreneur, was raised by two entrepreneurs, and have worked for entrepreneurs for most of my career so I've seen firsthand what it takes to start AND grow your own business. I'll be sharing that with you in all of the business series. It is important for women's businesses to thrive and is my mission to help them do so. 

SEX is one of those topics where when women are in a group together, there's a bit of skirting around the conversation until someone decides to dive in head first (pun intended) into talking about their sexual experiences whether it's giving head (and how they might enjoy giving it more than their partner enjoys receiving it), anal, orgasms or lack thereof, sending nudes (best practice poses), how often she haves sex, cheating, watching porn, daring to play out fantasies, etc. However, even with all of our sexual freedoms many women still "perform" sex just to please a man when we can and should enjoy sex just as much, if not more, than the opposite sex. So yeah.

AMBITION drives my generation. Everyone (well mostly everyone) wants to be super successful and to have that success recognized and validated...but I want to explore how that ambition is affecting other areas of our lives. I want to know if it does more harm than good in our intimate relationships and friendships. Does it breed isolation and envy? I've always wondered if there's such a thing as too much ambition. I consider myself a pretty ambitious woman but I never want it to get in the way of my other life goals such as starting a family, cultivating a spiritual relationship or sustaining the friendships I have now. 

TRAVEL is one of my favorite topics to discuss especially about the places I've never been to before but now intend to visit. Seeing so many young people traveling to places I had never heard of before like Bahia, Amalfi Coast, Marrakesh, and Cappadocia, and post about it opens my eyes to places I now know are out there...waiting. Through my posts, I hope to inspire you to visit more places a little farther away than you've ever been. Travel breaks open the soul and people need more of that these days. Life has a way of constricting us, tightening our views and closing our minds. Travel provides freedom from those bounds and you return renewed (and maybe a little jet-lagged but whatever). I'm going to get you going places kid.

LOVE is kind of a strange and complex yet simple-all-at-the-same-time topic to talk about. It's as simple as knowing that you would easily and without doubt give your life for your children yet as complex and frightening as telling a significant other "I love you" for the first time. It takes courage these days to admit you want love, the real kind, and even more courage to admit you need it. Love is binding and freeing at the same time. It bounds us to our actions towards the ones we love but frees our souls into moving onward and upward. It is also, unfortunately, easily manipulated. There are many who pervert the meaning of love and use it as a reason to harm another. This is not love. It is the imitation of it.

Lastly, the medium that makes the world go round: MONEY...which is not the root of all evil. Mismanagement of it is. Well, that's not the root of all evil either but not understanding money or not having enough of it is rather annoying and if we're lucky, by this age we should have a pretty good grip on it. Sadly, the majority of us don't but that does not mean it has to be your financial story. I plan on being transparent with how I turned my financial life around and how you can too with tips you've probably already heard. The difference is I'm going to hold your hand through these tips because quite frankly, I'm just sick and tired of hearing people cry broke when there are many ways to create and take care of your budget.

All in all, I hope my blog inspires you to just live (not pretend to live so you can get more likes on Instagram). I hope it inspires you to experience new things, take on new goals (after accomplishing the old ones, of course), and live a little deeper. If you have a question, comment or something you just want to share, my inbox is open. Hit me up at tai@taimarie.com.

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