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Are You Even Entrepreneur Material?

Are You Even Entrepreneur Material?

“You cannot, you cannot use someone else’s fire. You can only use your own. And in order to do that, you must first be willing to believe that you have it.”
— Audre Lorde

I’m here to be honest with you. The thought of starting a business is extremely exciting…but the reality is that that excitement does not last very long especially after you begin working to bring your idea to fruition. What sets in after the excitement has worn off is the reality that starting a business is one of the hardest things you probably have ever set out to do. The fact that it’s consistent hard work is most likely why most small businesses fail.

So, before you set out on the entrepreneurial journey, there are some things you need to consider that have nothing to do with the actual business but everything to do with who you honestly are as a person. This is the time to get real with yourself. Check out these questions to consider before making the entrepreneurial leap.

1.    Are you a self-starter?

If you have a hard time getting started on tasks when someone is not looking over your shoulder, starting a business may not be the venture for you right now. Becoming an entrepreneur means being able to plan, prioritize and complete tasks in a timely manner if you want success.

2.    Are you a hard worker?

Setting up the business is the easiest step in starting a business. Growing a business will become the most difficult part if you don’t have the knack to work hard. No one falls into a successful business. I can’t express enough how it must be built by use of vision, due diligence, long hours, sacrifice, patience, and strategy.

3.    Speaking of strategy, are you a planner?

There will be many things you will have to plan while growing a business. They include finding your niche and your audience, marketing campaigns, scaling options and growth plans, creating a website, and more. If you’re more of a “go with the flow” type of person instead of one who strategizes then the chances of having a successful business decrease tremendously.

4.    What is your reason for starting a business?

The most popular reasons for starting a business are to get rid of your nagging boss, control your own hours and to become rich. While these are somewhat true when starting a business, the reality is that you get new bosses (one who is the hardest on you that you’ll ever work for – yourself- and a bunch of other nagging bosses who may not be the easiest to please sometimes – your clients); your new hours will be 24/7 because that’s how often you’ll be thinking about and working on your business; and you may not become rich for a long time. The average salary of a small business owner is $68,000 a year.

The reality is that many of these things don’t sound appealing and if you’re one of those that this doesn’t sound appealing to then… that’s great! That means you know which lane you don’t belong in and can begin to figure out which lane you actually do belong in.

Ultimately, there are a ton of rewards of being an entrepreneur but it’s not for everyone. Have you considered that maybe you’re the “intrapreneur” kind? Check out this article to see if this is more like you.

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