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Not Everyone Wants To Be The Boss

Not Everyone Wants To Be The Boss

“Cherish forever what makes you unique, ‘cuz you’re really a yawn if it goes.”
— Bette Midler

Being an entrepreneur is all the rage now but not everyone is meant to be an entrepreneur. Not everyone even wants to be an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur takes on greater than normal financial risks to operate a business. But there is this kinda new buzzword floating around for those ambitious individuals who have all the traits of an entrepreneur but are interested in very few of the risks of being an entrepreneur. They're being called "intrapreneurs" and apparently, they're the new heroes for large companies looking to stay innovative and profitable in an ever changing technologically-advanced world. So, maybe you're not entrepreneurial but you might be intrapreneurial. Here's how to tell:

1. You've got an entrepreneurial spirit. 

I'm just going to put it out there: Entrepreneurs, true ones, are crazy. They're willing to risk lots of time, lots of money, their reputation and the likes for an idea that has a high chance of failing. And they're willing to do it repeatedly. Now you may not be interested in spending extremely long hours day after day to develop an idea but you might have a new method for a more efficient way of doing things within your company that may save your company and its clients/customers/consumers money. You also may be a natural leader who can find creative ways to motivate employees to be more productive while enjoying their work.

2. You're committed to innovation.

Successful entrepreneurs can take something that has been done and just do it better, faster and cheaper. Intrapreneurs are no different.

3. You have an appetite for risk and reward.

Although entrepreneurs assume ALL the risks when building a business, an intrapreneur can assess a risk and be affected by it from a distance. However, if your idea benefits the company you get to indulge in the rewards.

4. You have an appetite for competition.

I think it's so cute how there are these sayings like "I compete with no one but myself" which should be true in life but business, on the other hand, is a competitive sport. This goes for if you're an entrepreneur open to all the hardest hits or you're an intrapreneur who just loves the game.

5. You have high confidence and self-esteem.

These are two major traits you need to truly believe that you can build something from the ground up successfully. You also need these traits as an intrapreneur to be able to go to the CEO (or founder) of a company and tell them "this is what we're doing wrong and this how I plan to make it right." 

So, maybe you don't want to be an entrepreneur but you want to be a boss and take control of your career and personal brand; becoming an intrapreneur is the way to go. Even if you don't possess these traits naturally, you can always develop them with the right amount of hard work and training. Whether you're entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial, both will take proper planning and due diligence.

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