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Links You're Gonna Love!

Links You're Gonna Love!

“To make living itself an art, that is the goal.”
— Henry Miller

I've gathered here the links that have inspired me this week. I hope they do the same for you.

1. In honor of #EqualPayDay, here are some things most people don't know about negotiating

2. So, apparently, love is everyone's drug of choice. Yours included. 

3. Take advice from these powerful women on adjusting the sails when your career goes into crisis mode.

4. Can you relate to the rich in these differences between the rich and the middle class?

5. It seems like everyone I know is looking for a new job these days. Luckily, I saved this article on nailing the interview

6. So, you want to be a blogger? Think twice, my friends. 

Which link was your favorite?

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